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The Gift of Early Education

Each child deserves an education. Unfortunately, 63% of youth in South Africa live in poverty and do not have access to early childhood education. Early education plays a crucial role in helping young children meet their full potential. Building preschools creates opportunities for the most vulnerable children. Education has the power to change lives.


You have the power to change lives by donating to Team Frank Africa.

Community Impact

Up to 70 pre-schoolers (ages 18 months to 5 years old) receive early childhood education in a safe environment.


Food scarcity remains one of the biggest challenges in these communities. At each of our schools, every child is guaranteed a hot meal every day.


Creates opportunity for young mothers to continue their education or seek employment.

A full creche project creates employment for up to 20 locals for up to six months.

Cost of a Creche

As of March 2023, it costs $80,000 USD for a Team Frank Africa Creche Project.​

  • Classrooms $21,020

  • Kitchen $15,511

  • Enviro Loos $11,123

  • Borehole $8,352

  • Playground $2,310

  • Fence $2,156

  • Non-Perishable Food $2,000

  • Vegetable Garden / Trees $1,000

  • Educational Toys $980

  • Uniforms $700

  • Other:

    • Site Supervisor & Consultant $13,741

    • Fuel $595

    • Construction Tools $512


100% of donations go directly to our school projects

95% of donors are from the United States and Canada

Since 2017, TFA has raised USD $535,000+

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