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NEWS: 2022 Record Breaking Year

2022 was a record breaking year for TFA. Two Pre Schools completed thanks to our very generous donors. Three Pre Schools will be completed in 2023.

NEWS: Allyn Bodestein - President of Team Frank South Africa

Team Frank South Africa was established in the fall of 2021. Our president, Allyn Bodenstein, is now our "boots on the ground" and is actively coordinating the build of our 5th preschool (Bafalading Creche in Buffelshoek, Mpumalanga) to be completed in June of 2022 with the help of 19 volunteers!


NEWS: Food donations & deliveries in 2021/2022

Three times per year, TFA purchases and delivers large quantities of non-perishables for each of our schools. This remains a huge priority for our foundation.

NEWS: Our fourth preschool construction is complete!

In June of 2021, a team of 11 volunteers assisted in the completion of the Kgaogelo Day Care Centre construction in Mpumalanga province.


NEWS: Critical Food Parcels Delivered To 3 TFA Schools – April 2020

The COVID-19 global pandemic has had detrimental impacts worldwide and especially in underdeveloped countries.

 NEWS: 4th Annual Fundraiser at Royalmount Drive-In

On August 10th 2020, TFA hosted their 4th Annual Fundraiser. African themed MOVIE NIGHT at the Royalmount Drive-In Event Theatre. 300+ guests got to enjoy a COVID safe / family friendly evening to support a great cause. 

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