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NEWS: Critical Food Parcels Delivered To 3 TFA Schools – April 2020

The COVID-19 global pandemic has had detrimental impacts worldwide and especially in underdeveloped countries. On March 18th, the South African government mandated all school closures, amongst numerous other strict lockdown measures. On a typical school day, our pre-school children receive not only early childhood education but also a hot meal. With the “stay at home” mandate life became increasingly difficult for our young students and their families. Team Frank Africa quickly decided to focus its resources on a food distribution program. With the help of Lotus Khoza, regional manager of Africa Foundation, Team Frank Africa succeeded in delivering food parcels to our three schools, with each parcel containing roughly one month of food supplies for over 250 people. Each family picked up their large food parcels individually at our schools. This process was staggered to comply with the lockdown safety guidelines. Team Frank Africa recognizes that our relationships extend beyond the educational needs of our children and seeks to equally support the well-being of their families, teachers and school administrators.

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