Build Preschools: “One School at a Time”


Team Frank Africa’s mission is to build one preschool per year in remote areas of South Africa. 



The Gift of Early Education


Each child deserves an education. Unfortunately, 63% of youth in South Africa live in poverty and do not have access to early childhood education. 

Early education plays a crucial role in helping young children meet their full potential. Building preschools creates opportunities for the most vulnerable children. Education has the power to change lives.  You have the power to change lives by donating to Team Frank Africa.


Donate School Supplies, Uniforms and Soccer Balls


Team Frank Africa has donated and distributed school supplies, clothing, and soccer balls to orphanages, preschools and elementary schools in South Africa, Rwanda, Togo, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya. 



Why Soccer Balls?


Soccer is a beloved sport, bringing laughter and fitness to children worldwide. Children in remote areas of Africa will make a soccer ball from plastic bags or whatever materials they can find. A “real” soccer ball is a simple way to bring joy to a remote community.

In Nairobi and the Masai Mara, Kenya,
we donated school supplies and soccer balls to over
700 orphans and young children.



2016: ALEXANDRA TOWNSHIP, SOUTH AFRICA: Donated school supplies, children’s clothing, arts and crafts materials, and food to hundreds of orphans.

2016: VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK, RWANDA: Donated school supplies to over 1000 children at Rushubi Primary School.

2017:  NAIROBI AND MASAI MARA, KENYA:  Donated school supplies and soccer balls to over 700 orphans and young children.

2018: MSALELA CRÈCHE, South Africa: Donated and built 2 classrooms, kitchen, 5 toilets and playground.

2019: KEEP WELL DAY CARE, South Africa: Donated and built 2 classrooms, kitchen, 5 toilets, a playground and a bore hole.

2019: UGANDA, GHANA, TOGO: Donated  soccer equipment.